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About Serre Moi

serre-moi /sɛʁ-mwa/hold me

I founded Serre Moi in 2017 after traveling back from my visit to the United Kingdom. I was presented with a gift – a truly unforgettable fragrance -- that smelled so fabulous that sparked an idea.  At that moment, I believed that I could create my own fragrance line and I got started soon after I returned from my trip. I have been involved during each step of the process, from fragrance creation to product design and marketing. It is my dream to get my Serre Moi collection to customers from around the world. Serre-Moi means hold me and I wanted my fragrances to be enticing, sensual and imaginative, and additional to high fashionable clothes and more.


Based in the United States, Serre Moi By Gloria Mills caters to individuals with discerning tastes. Everyone should be able to enjoy the delicious feeling of love and my Serre Moi collection of fragrances was made for men and women to experience love.